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Workshops are offered to any Art Organization or Art Club, and/or Demonstrations for your group. Workshop Fees vary, but the rate is normally: $350.00 per Student for a 5 day workshop, $250.00
for a 3 day.  Minimum 10 maximum 18.  


Please contact the Artist:  Tom Lockhart at

tom@lockhartfiineart.com or call 719-850-2256


Currently: Workshop for watercolors: 1 day Demonstration
Fun Valley, CO September 10th or 11th.

Upcoming Watercolor Workshop to be announced: Novice, TX  November



Colorado Artist and acclaimed Landscape Painter Tom Lockhart will be conducting a combination Plein-Air and Studio workshop.   In the Tradition of the Old Masters, Tom’s approach is to gather valuable information while outdoors (En-Plein-Air), and put together a series of outdoor sketches to be used to finalize a studio painting. Tom instructs as well as paints for the galleries in a variety of Mediums.  He is primarily known for his oils but has won awards and paints as often as he can in his other mediums of choice, Watercolors and Pastels. 

Tom will demonstrate to the class, his approach to painting.  He will give each student as much personal attention as possible.  This will be informative and fun, “We are here to enjoy the outdoors, the ability to paint from life and have a good time doing so.  Hopefully each student with go away with a bit more knowledge to apply to their own personal paintings

Thank you for a most beneficial workshop and for sharing your knowledge with us.  I came away with the information I needed to improve my composition and color values. I got so much out of just watching and listening to your demonstrations and discussions.  You answered my questions on the spot verbally and visually, and more than most art workshops I have attended.  You took the time to visit with everyone in our class while painting on location.  Your critique was well received and I know I came away with a better composition”.

“I’ve been studio painting a long time but Plein-air has been a challenge for me.  Thanks for helping me get to a different level of expertise, and thanks … it was fun”!

Helen P.  4 Corners Plein-Air Group


I took Tom's three-day watercolor workshop this summer in Novice, Texas, and had a wonderful and productive time. We learned about color, composition, and technique, to name a few of the areas of concentration. Tom was very entertaining and responsive to our interests and our questions. I hope I'll have another opportunity to take a class from him in the future. Thank you, Tom. It was great fun!

Sarah Brown
Brownwood, Texas


Tom let the members’ discuss they needs an skill levels. He then lead the group, providing instruction and challenging each to move to the next skill level.  He explained, demonstrated, and At the conclusion of the two workshops that I attended with Tom, I felt that I had learned something new and my painting skill improved.  Hopefully, it will work out for me to attend another workshop in the near future. 


May 2016

Tom's watercolor workshop was great fun, but he also stressed basics of design that all of us need in planning our paintings.  He was extremely helpful in finding ways each of us could improve our work, so we left with a feeling of days well-spent. 

 Ruth Wheelis,
Brownwood, Texas



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For more information and pricing contact us: tlockhartpainter@hotmail.com

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Tom Lockhart
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Located in Dawson Ranch

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